Saturday, March 15, 2008

Scrapbooks and Little Fingers

Little fingers are precisely what led to my interest in digital scrapping. Like many paper scrappers I had my doubts and wondered why anyone would want to give up paper for this new concept in scrapbooking. After viewing what I consider beautiful works of digital art, I opened my unused photo program and began playing around. In less than an hour I had created my first digital layout, the outcome undoubtedly the worst I have ever created, but that didn't matter, I jumped in and began a brand new journey. I can't say "I never looked back", because I love paper and digital scrapbooking equally. For me they simply serve different purposes.

Digital became a vehicle where I was able to create
safe, hands on albums for my young grandchildren whereas no dangerous embellishments could fall off, or a torn page would not represent hours of work forever lost. A disaster averted with a reprinted page.

Paper allows me the hands on touch and feel of dimension which I love through the various metals, laces, ribbons, buttons, layering, etc.

Each technique represents the same end result, simply executed in a different way.