Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Direction

Since I have been gone for awhile I thought I would recreate my blog with new material, so the old is out and the new is in. I'm going to begin with a card and a digital 8x8 album I created for my granddaughter's upcoming 4th birthday. I like digital for the kids albums, so if anything should get damaged by their handling, a simple re-print will be all it takes to replace the page.

I created this card by enlarging a photograph of Amelia and dressing it with various materials. If you click on the first image you can see the detail in the top of the dress. By the way, the pearl in the center flower has been fixed.

The first page is the cover, the other pages I grouped in lots of 4 for the blog.


VAWM said...

Great LO Donna! Good job on your blog re-design. Here's hoping to see lots more!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful layouts and yay for a new blog!

Melanie said...

That card is stunning, simply stunning.

Where do you get your ideas from?

The layouts are stunning as usual, you have such a beautiful style Donna and Mia is just adorable too.

AngelBear said...

Fantastic work Donna! Fabulous!

Scrappydog said...

Mel, the card was borne from the actual photo. Mia was given the princess outfit for christmas and I happened to have some glittered netting that just screamed to be used as costuming so it was the photo that gave me the vision to dress her. Besides the fact her stance was perfect for a paper doll like project.

Thanks so much to each of you for stopping by and commenting.